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A Guide to the Church of St John the Evangelist, Abram Wigan

Photo above shows the inside of the original St John the Evangelist Church, Abram

In 1902 the bell which was placed on the roof over the front porch fell down. A Mr John Smith JP of Crankwood Road, Abram is quoted as saying that something would have to be done as “The Church was falling down round our heads!” The following is an extract from a meeting held in Abram Vicarage 1902:

“On Friday afternoon, July 19th 1907 the Bishop of Liverpool Mr J H A Whitley, JP; Mr H E Johnson JP and Mr John Smith JP met in my study to consider the possibility of building a new Parish Church to replace the present building which is :

a) Badly cracked and otherwise in a deplorable condition

b) Although only seventy-one years old it is not worth repairing as it is a cheaply built church and the materials used were very poor.

c) It is too small for present use

The meeting was unanimous in thinking a new Church is necessary; it was decided to form as strong a committee as possible to carry out the work.


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