What’s On

The building is closed but are hearts are open. We are praying for you all. 

Chapelfields Worship Together

Our hybrid Zoom/in-person Sunday worship. This comes from (or it’s at!) St Nathaniel’s Parish Church, Platt Bridge on Sunday’s at 10.00am.

There are three options to join:

You can join us in church but we do ask you to let us know in advance by phone, or by filling in a short online form.

You can join us on Zoom. If you do we will do our utmost to make you fully part of what’s going on in church so that you can make the choice that’s right and safe for you each week. Everyone in church should be able to see you, and you should be able to see them. We’ll socialize together, and you can play a full part in the service.  We’d also ask you to ‘arrive’ a little in advance, so that we can manage things well. All you need once you’ve installed Zoom on your phone, tablet, or computer is the meeting ID (the same each week)  825 8107 9758 and the password is 075891.

You can also watch later on Facebook. We’ll be recording the service as it happens, and sharing an edited version on the Chapelfields Facebook page as a Facebook Premiere at 3:00pm so that you can watch and chat with others if you want when it goes out. Watch the Facebook page for details.

Our Facebook page contains details of how to join others online for prayer, worship, study and community life. or click on the link via this website.

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